Definitely Wood, based in the picturesque farmlands of Neurum, Queensland, was founded in 2018 by Daniel Benton, a long time woodworker, designer and maker. At the outset, his focus was on crafting high-end furniture, but it didn’t take long for a shift in perspective. The true satisfaction emerged from witnessing the joy and appreciation sparked by the boards he created, resonating with families and friends across Australia. It was a shift from creating pieces of luxury to crafting functional art that brought people together, creating cherished moments and fond memories, nationwide.


So, 5 years on. What a journey! We are still very proud to say that we design, make and finish all of our boards in-house, in Australia.

Opting to resell pre-made boards from a wholesaler is certainly not in line with our ethos – or shall we say, it goes against our grain, both literally and metaphorically. We pride ourselves on the authenticity and craftsmanship of our products, made with care from start to finish. This commitment to quality and uniqueness is what sets us apart, making us dedicated to creating, not just selling.

Our team of artists has continually evolved and grown stronger, consistently pushing their creative boundaries to deliver their utmost best each and every day.

"Thank you for being a part of our story and allowing us to be a part of yours."

- Daniel Benton, Founder

our values

We take pride in our commitment to sustainability by exclusively sourcing timber from local, sustainable suppliers. By doing so, we actively contribute to a positive environmental impact, aligning ourselves to the solution for a greener future. Additionally, our dedication extends to our packaging practices – negating plastic entirely in favour of environmentally friendly alternatives. Being part of the solution means not only crafting exceptional products but also ensuring every aspect of our process reflects our responsibility to the planet.


At Definitely Wood, our belief is simple yet profound: we strive to enrich the tapestry of family gatherings and barbecues, through the craftsmanship of our boards.

We understand the unique power of shared moments around a table, the laughter that echoes during family get-togethers, and the camaraderie that blooms at barbecues.

That’s why our boards are designed to be more than just kitchen essentials – they are integral elements in the creation of unforgettable memories.